Film Production & Still Photography


Drafting a budget as per director’s vision or script, scheduling, Location Scouting, Team & Crew building, Transport, equipment rental and security.

Tie-up with big Producers, Financiers and P&A Partners of the Industry. Resources are arranged as per the requirement of the project. Arranging finance for the projects as per the need.

Association with a variety of brands which provides multiple options that suit the category of product/services as per the Star Cast and Script.

Most of the governments provide subsidy for the films. Every country’s rules and regulations are different, our experienced team handles the subsidy matters to make the production economical. Have availed subsidy from the countries like Fiji, Poland, Malaysia, Dubai, Georgia, U.K. and the U.S for various projects.

Equipped to create and develop a script for short films, feature film, TV commercial, Web Series and Blog writing. Can create concepts, stories and plots as per the need.

Has one of the highly qualified and technically sound team to create an enigmatic 2D and 3D animation films with a amazing script that explains/illustrates/ communicates the marketing objective. 


Ideate, conceptualize and create demonstration, explainer, marketing videos either by live shoot or animated videos. An exemplary or unique video attract more attention and mind space, our team is well experienced in creating such concepts & storyline depending on the project needs.

Every song needs a visual extravagance, our team provides the same. It will make the music video a memorable piece of art which would compliment the song. Will also manage the digital marketing part to make the song a success.

A well-crafted ‘Behind-the-scenes’ video is a great marketing tool. The team specialises in creating a concept-driven behind the scene video by capturing the important and awesome moments during the film/serials/TVC at the production stage.

Creating, ideating or executing a big idea along with an outstanding script will always make any TV Commercial successful. The in-house production team can provide turn-key solutions to produce excellent TV Commercials which will go with the advertising strategy and achieve the marketing objectives.

What is the better way to communicate the corporate objectives and raise awareness of the organisation as a whole? Corporate videos can be used in a business setting and serve many purposes viz. training, instructional, and safety videos for employees.

A great way to showcase your ideas, product or information on the internet. The team creates and releases such videos on respective platforms on the internet so that it reaches the right target audience.


For an E-Commerce website, brochure, pamphlets, magazines etc. the team is equipped to shoot on-site as well as off-site as per the requirement.

A specialised technique helps to get a perfect shot to be used in catalogues. Provide national & international models for catalogues, based on the product/brand and client’s requirements.

Glamorising an aspiring model/actor with a perfect image portfolio. Equipped to shoot indoor/outdoor and at multiple locations depending on the budget and need, with all the paraphernalia and entourage.

Fashion photography is everywhere. There are hundreds of images a day of men and women dressed-up (or down), showcasing clothing, accessories, and footwear. The team is well geared to create stunning pictures for magazines or catalogues or for advertising purposes.

From a small seminar to a large conference, receptions, parties or any other events our professional team of event photographers will cover them all and make the moment memorable.

Provide custom photography services as per the need of the clients. The photography team is reliable and efficient to manage and create tailor-made images as desired.

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